Help, I can not skate!
Don’t worry! Believe it or not, in previous hears many people participated without ever having been on skates. And they all loved it! If you are in any way somewhat active you are more than likely to make it through the 24 hours. Even if you don’t have a pair of skates, take a look at  to find the perfect pair for you!

We can not get a team together, what now?
Having difficulties finding enough people to skate with you?  Don’t worry, each year there are people looking for team members. This event is all about bringing  people together, so that’s what we’ll do! Contact the organization to find out more; we will mediate for you!

Do I have to train a lot to participate?
If you train once a week by skating or going to the gym, you will be fine. Remember that this is an estafette race; you will be released by your teammates as soon as you decide you can not go any further. Change every lap or round and you will be fine!

What does the course look like?
The course is fully paved and therefore ideal for inline skating.

Do I have to wear protection?
Of course! Wearing a helmet is mandatory. If you don’t wear a helmet we will take you off the track. Other protection (like knee and wrist protection) is advised but not required.

What do we do when it gets dark at night?
The track is well lit so you will have good visibility at night. It is advised to bring your own enlightment (you can put it on your helmet).

Can we participate without a sponsor?
Of course!  You don’t have to have a personal sponsor; however we would like it if you could ask you friends and family to sponsor you on this adventure!

How does the registration work?

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